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The Benefits of Installing a Surround Sound System

Anyone planning to build a home theater system should always make sure to install the best surround sound systems, in order to have the best ever movie viewing experience at home. Surround sound systems will enhance the quality of the sounds that is emitted from the movie you’re watching or the game you are playing. It will no doubt enhance your overall experience in listening pleasure and add quality to whatever you are watching or playing. But there is much more to installing surround sound systems than the above mentioned benefit. Some of them are highlighted below.

Surround Sound1. Have a Unique Gaming Experience –

Surround systems are not only for connecting to home theater systems, they can be connected to any gaming console such as video, play station and X-box. This will give you a great gaming experience as you will be able to hear the noise of that racing car in the game as it is racing inside your house. You will feel like you are really involved in the game battling your enemies. This is really a novel experience for the avid gamer.

2. Listen to High Quality Music –

A surround system will enhance the quality of your music in leaps and bounds compared to ordinary speakers. When you install the surround system on your CD or DVD, you can listen to more quality music than otherwise. The amplifier and sub-woofers will help to adjust the quality of the sound as per the wish of the listener.

3. The Movie Theater Experience –

Dolby digital surround systems will change the whole ambiance of your home theater system. Watching a movie with Dolby digital surround systems is just like going to a movie hall and watching a movie. Most of the movie theaters are equipped with Dolby digital sound systems these days.

Purchasing a surround system should be done with thorough research. These systems are usually not cheap, but installing the system is well worth the money spent as it will enhance your overall experience of gaming and movie watching. There are two categories of surround systems such as 5.1 and 7.1. The reason for the different sequences is based on the number of speakers it takes to reach the full surround mode of each sound system. Possessing one center speaker, one sub-woofer, two rear-channel speakers and two side speakers will give a 5.1 surround from your receiver. To get 7.1 surround, you must include two more rear speakers directly behind the listener. Most of the movie theaters are equipped with 7.1 Dolby digital surround systems.

Most of the Blu-ray and non Blu-ray DVD movies are encoded with 7.1 as well as 5.1 sound modes. If you want to get the maximum benefit of watching a quality movie, you will surely want a 7.1 surround system installed at your home. If you own a 7.1 surround system receiver, you can still play a movie of 5.1 sounds. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the movie as the 7.1 receiver will balance the 5.1 movie sounds into all the seven speakers, thereby enhancing the quality of the sounds.

When you watch the 5.1 digitally encoded movie, on your current 7.1 sound receiver, the equipment will convert the 5.1 sounds to all the seven speakers through “duplicated sound processing”. This will help to create a real professional movie theater experience. Most people prefer to purchase 5.1 surround systems because the setting up process in much easier than the 7.1 system. But there is an instructional manual with every 7.1 system, which you can refer to and easily set up the system in your home. A 7.1 surround system is an investment in your future as most of the movies and games that are encoded in 5.1 sounds will be updated to 7.1 surround systems in the near future.

Surround systems will take the experience of the movie viewer and game player to the next level. It is a must for a home in this technically advanced era. You will not need to go to the cinema hall to view a movie if you have a surround system in your home.

Creating The Best Home Cinema System

A home cinema, otherwise known as a home theater, is a home entertainment system that replicates, to some degree, the experience of being at an actual movie theater. By using high-tech audio equipment, a flatscreen TV, and surround sound speakers, it is possible to convert a single room in your home to replicate this experience. There are many important aspects for creating the best home theater system. In this article we will look at what you need to do to create one at your residence that will have friends and family always coming back for more.

The Best Size For Your Home Theater Room

The first thing that you will need to do is find a single room in your home that you can dedicate to your home theater system. Depending upon the size of the room, and how many people you would like to seat at your theater, the room that you choose must have enough square footage to create the best effect. In regard to what is called acoustic room ratio, it should be 8 feet high, a maximum of 14 feet wide, and have a length of 22 feet. This is a general configuration, with 20.8 feet by 12.8 feet by 8 feet being a mathematically perfect ratio.

Dimensions For Your Home Theater Screen

Regardless of the size of the actual screen, the dimensions of the screen, specifically for standard HDTV widescreen format, is 16:9. The larger the screen, the better, especially if your room is longer and will accommodate more theater attendees. If you do install an HDTV, you have to take into account the diagonal width to determine how far back the seats should sit. For example, if your screen is quite large, around 100 inches, your viewers should be no further back than 15 feet. All of these calculations should be made prior to installing your seats which we will discuss next.

Seating Configuration For Your Home Theater

If you are only going to put a couple chairs in your home theater, determining their exact position is not something that you have to worry about. You can easily move the chairs to different locations in order to find the best viewing perspective. However, if you are going to actually put in permanent seats, you should adhere to the following configuration guidelines. Each chair should be at least two feet apart, with at least 20 inches of distance between each of the rows. On the outside of your seats, you should have about 30 inches or so that people can easily move in and out of the area. Finally, each row needs to sit at least 18 inches higher than the row in front, allowing people to comfortably see over the people in front. By using these configurations, you should be able to create a permanent seating arrangement that will accommodate all of your guests.

Surround Sound Speakers For Your Home Cinema

Finally, you’re going to install the speaker system for your home theater. Whether you decide to use Klipsch, Sony, or one of the other major brands, it is the quality of the speakers, and their positioning, that will produce the optimal effect. It is always recommended to get wireless home theater speaker systems so that you can easily reposition the speakers if you are not happy with the sounds that you hear. The front speakers should always be at a 45 degree angle on either side of the widescreen television, pointing directly toward the seats in front. The center speaker should be placed behind the screen, or beneath it if it is mounted on the wall. Finally, the left and right surround speakers should be positioned perpendicular to the seats if there is only one row, or slightly behind multiple rows of seats aimed directly at the center point of the front row. By using this configuration, you should be able to get an optimal surround sound effect that will replicate what you can only experience in a traditional movie theater.

By using the tips in this article to create your own home cinema, you should be able to purchase what you need, and properly configure everything, based upon the dimensions provided. As long as you have a designated room that can be used for your home theater, you will definitely have fun “at the movies” from the comfort of your home.

Benefits Of Having A Home Theater System

A home theater system can add an extra “oomph” to one’s home entertainment set-up. Having just the TV and DVD player is often not enough for most home owners. Everyone wants that extra bit of realism and audio quality that can be attained from the use of a home theater system. There are countless benefits of having this system set-up at home. Let’s take a look at the benefits associated with having a home theater system installed at home.

Quality of Sound

When popping in a DVD or even a regular home movie, the sound has to be crisp and realistic. No one wants to hear buzzing noises or other sounds that can creep up with regular speakers. It simply takes away from one’s experience and that is never a good thing.

This is where a quality system can go a long way in getting the job done. It will be able to provide that high-quality, professional sound that one expects from their movies. Most DVDs are now designed to work as they are supposed to only with these systems. Using regular pathways to watch these DVDs will result in disappointing results.

For some, they will have a wonderful TV that is remarkably detailed with its colors, but then an absolute dud of a sound system. This is why it is essential to pay attention to having a system in place that is of the highest quality.

Even if the picture being displayed looks wonderful, if the sound is not on point, one will always become frustrated with what they are seeing. It will simply not provide the same level of entertainment that one expects from their viewing experience.
What about watching a live sporting event? Should it not feel like one is sitting right there at the event? It should not be an issue where one are scratching their heads at the poor level of sound that is being relayed.

Developing Gadgets

These systems are exceptional because they come with a range of gadgets now. The sound technology is becoming better and better as time passes by. Yet, so are the gadgets that go around this system and complete it.

Without the right gadgets, one will not be getting the results they want. What kind of gadgets are we talking about? These include things such as gaming consoles, satellite TV, PCs, and other related products that have to be purchased and added into one’s home entertainment system.


Now, one will be puzzled at how adding more stuff to one’s entertainment set-up is “affordable”. Yet, it is one of the most cost-efficient purchases can make in terms of long-term benefits. How is this the case? It has to do with finding a more affordable way of watching movies.

Does it not cost a lot more to go to the local theater to have the same experience? It will cost a lot and for avid movie watchers, this can take a huge hit on their monthly budget. This is why having a home entertainment system that is able to provide close to the same experience is better in the long-run.

One will start to notice as they have more money to spend on other things other than going to the movies all of the time. It is one of the most preferred ways of saving money for those who want that long-term solution.

Not Bulky

A lot of individuals are worried about the speakers and related gadgets taking up a lot of space. This used to be the cause in the old days when the technology was new and developing. Now, it has become better and more sleek for those who want better, space-friendly solutions.

The best part is they are getting smaller, yet producing even better quality. This is wonderful for home owners who do not want to see a reduction in quality, just for the system to become more space-friendly.

These systems go a long way in adding to the room and making sure it provides that high level of entertainment and quality that one is craving. Regular speakers will never get the job done and are a waste of time for home owners.

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