What Are the Benefits of Smart Blinds?

Ismerelda Steinberger June 25, 2019Surround Sound

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are opting to turn their residence into a smart one. One of the most popular home automation areas is electric window treatment such as installing motorized blinds.

Aside from the high-tech feel and futuristic ambiance they give off, smart or motorized blinds provide a multitude of benefits.

More and more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of motorized blinds.
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In today’s post, we’ll talk about the list of benefits motorized window treatments offer.


Dangling cords from traditional curtains and blinds are like magnets for pets and babies. But any smart homeowner knows that these hanging cords can be a hazard to children and small pets.

With smart motorized blinds, you no longer have to deal with cords dangling or getting tangled up – which will be such a relief.


The main benefit of home automation is the convenience it provides to homeowners. With a simple tap of a button from a mobile device, homeowners can relax and get on with whatever else they need to do.

Smart blinds work the same way. A touch of a button allows you to adjust the window covering in any room of the house. This feature is a big time saver – especially for homes with numerous windows and those with skylights and tall windows.

With motorized blinds, you don’t have to fuss over cords to get the specific angle you want for your blinds.


When the sun sets and the lights are on in your house, you always need to make sure that all your windows are covered – unless you don’t mind your home being exposed for everyone to see. If you own smart blinds, you can automate them to shut at a specific time of the day – or as soon as the sun goes down.

Not only that, some motorized blinds come in materials with opacity levels that allow you to choose the intensity of the coverage even when it’s daytime.

Save Energy

Over the course of five, ten, or 15 years, the energy your home manages to conserve adds up by the year’s end. Smart window treatments play an essential role in your house’s energy efficiency efforts. Some of the window treatments that can save your energy consumption are using honeycomb shades to insulate your home, installing motorized shutters, shades, or drapes, or using solar power.

Get Improved Sleep

Motorized blinds can help you get better sleep.

Electric window treatments are known to help you get better sleep and rest – and for several reasons. Motorized shades or drapes allow complete darkness in a room. In this environment, the melatonin levels increase, which then improves the body’s circadian rhythm.

Additionally, you can set your motorized blinds to open when you want to wake up. Instead of a bothersome alarm clock, you can start waking up to natural light.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Motorized blinds can add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. This, in turn, can increase the value of your property. Home automation features have become popular because they improve the functionality and visual appeal of your property. These smart home features give your property an edge over other properties on the market.


Window treatments can protect your furniture, carpet, art, and other belongings from sun damage and exposure. Smart windows can prevent harsh light from discoloring or damaging your belongings. Additionally, you can select what window style you want and set a timer for when you want them to open or close throughout the day – preferably closed when the sun is at its most intense.


Motorized window covers are not just meant to go inside the house. There are window treatments for outdoor areas that you can use. Outdoor motorized blinds can protect you from pests or bugs, the sun, winds, and more. There are even window treatments equipped with UV protection components you can safely lounge outside.


A room with natural lighting can liven up the space and bring in good and positive energy. On the other hand, an area with dim and soft lighting can be serene and calming. Automated window treatments allow you to create the perfect ambiance you want.

Final Thoughts

Having to adjust the blinds constantly can be tiresome. This is especially true for older homeowners or parents with energetic little ones running around the house. We hope the benefits of motorized blinds you learn today will help you decide if they are a right fit for your home.

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