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For a novice in the world of home audio systems, designations like 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 can be ambiguous and confusing. What does this mean, and how does it relate to the audio system that I want? Understanding these things is actually very simple once someone explains the basics, and makes a big difference when choosing the kind of home audio or home theater system you actually want to buy. This article aims to explain the differences to 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 audio systems and the important points each consumer should consider before deciding to invest in one of the other.

If you just want to play music, it is cheaper to stick with the stereo receiver almost all CDs, records and cassettes are recorded in two-channel sound. It’s like when my friend was looking for home theater reviews. This is when I recommended http://www.hometheaterwacotx.com. However, with the advent of home theater, the days of stereo receivers may be numbered. Most manufacturers now offer only entry-level stereo receivers, with the rest of their lines dedicated to surround-sound A/V models.

It may simply, and most commonly, be your living room. Perhaps you have a room that you can use exclusively for your home theatre system, or you are building a purpose built space. Searching for surround sound will quickly bring you to Home Theater Waco Texas. Let’s see why. For top end installations you can start to look at the acoustic properties best suited to your system. But any humble set up will get you started and even the most basic surround sound system will be a big improvement on your standard television.

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Are blackout curtains expensive? They are usually a little more pricey than a normal curtain, but this is because of the special fabric that is used to make them. If it is worth it to you to go to sleep during the day and not have the sun peering through the window at you, then you would not think about the price. However, if you are thinking you might want them for looks or decoration, yes they might seem a little expensive.

DVD / Blu-ray player. The DVD player is a device that plays discs under DVD-video. HD DVD (high definition) is one of the successors of DVD which produces an even better picture quality than the usual DVD. The storage capacity of a typical DVD player is 4.7 GB, while the HD DVD can accommodate 15 GB. On the other hand, a Blu-ray player is another successor of the DVD format, in which a movie lover can enjoy an even higher definition discs while watching a movie. The Blu-ray is currently the ultimate answer to an utmost HD enjoyment in home theaters.

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