Home Theater Curtains Darken The Room

Ismerelda Steinberger December 30, 2014Home Automation SystemsSurround Sound

Speakers come in a huge array of sizes and designs from large floor standing, slim on-wall, in-wall, ceiling and even hidden speakers you can plaster over. Few are capable of delivering the kind of sound quality and impact that a good cinema system requires. The size and power of the speakers required is very much dependent on the size of the room they are going in. As the sound waves leave the speaker they dissipate, similar to a beam of light leaving a torch. The further the beam shines, the wider it gets and the dimmer it becomes. Just as a lamp needs to be brighter and output more light to fill a larger room, a speaker needs to produce more SPL (sound pressure level) to fill a larger room with the right level of sound.

This is for the perfectionist who might go that extra mile to make movie watching a complete experience. If you use wall dimmers, these could be replaced with dimmers that are operated with a remote control. Installing voice controlled switches could further add a touch of Hollywood movies to your home theater lighting design system. These switches could function as normal switches as well as programed to respond to one’s voice.

In general, 5.1 speaker systems will more than suffice for most casual movie-watchers; they provide good sound and a good surround effect. 6.1 provides the rear element of surround more cheaply than a 7.1 system, however everyone agrees that as far as the best sound quality goes 7.1 is overall superior to both. An added benefit of 7.1 over 6.1 is that is allows speakers to be placed on either side of listeners even if the seating area, ie a couch, is placed up against a wall.

If you can afford Bose speakers they would not be a bad way to go, but, you can always find a better value. Scan online ads, newspaper ads, and deals on eBay. You will eventually find the perfect speakers for your surround sound keeps popping system.

Set a realistic budget for home cinema your sound system before you go out shopping. Remember, a really top notch system can cost a lot so be sure to set an honest yet reasonable amount for the purchase limit and remember good is often more than sufficient.

If you’re looking for the best sound possible, look for stereos offering equalizer settings, support for low-bass sounds and the highest watts possible within your budget. Speaker size isn’t always the best indicator. Small speakers now offer the same or better quality as larger speakers. If you can shop for a home system in person versus online, try out the systems. You can listen to radios, take a CD or connect your MP3 player.

(walking away.) — “…it won’t fit.” — That’s so funny! Of course it’ll fit. We just need to think outside of the traditional confines of reality. If it won’t go through a door, try a window. If it won’t fit on the wall, try a ceiling. If the home theater looks funny in a room not designed for a home theater, slide the screen into the attic for storage.

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