Best Surround Home Theater Speaker System For 2013 – 2014

Ismerelda Steinberger January 3, 2015Home Automation Systems

Each year in the weeks before the Super Bowl retailers begin to promote items that are important elements of a Super Bowl party. Meijer and Kroger in Rochester Hills have special snack and beverage displays already appealing to the taste buds and Best Buy and Michigans own ABC Warehouse are proudly showing their latest models of 3D televisions.

A home cinema or home theatre, can be as simple or as complex as we desire, or can afford. The picture many of us have is of the celebrity home with the dedicated room with theatre seating, heavy curtains, and an array of dazzling hi-tech equipment that does who knows what. The term relates to recreating the conditions of the cinema / theater in our own home. In its most basic form you could have a television and DVD player hooked up to surround sound iphone app speakers. Of course it can be a lot more complex. The following are some of the most common components of a home cinema system.

Right now, you can get a home theater system anywhere from slightly over $1000 to only a few hundred dollars, that is without the TV. You can basically adjust what you buy to suit your needs and what you’re interested in. If you’re an audiophile, you can spend more on speakers and the receiver. If you’re just into the picture, get a bigger HD TV. Either way, home theater systems are no longer prohibitively expensive. Another thing you might want to think about are wireless surround sound speakers. These you usually put in the back. The wireless quality keeps everything from being such a mess in your home.

It also supports 3-D video, which allows the user to connect up to three high-definition sources, including popular video components like a gaming console, satellite tuner, and a Blu-Ray player. Analog audio performance is also optimized with Burr-Brown DAC. Cleaner audio and video sound is possible with the DAC home cinema because there’s less jitter.

Turtle Beach is a very popular brand, and this particular model is quite effective. It is again a wireless Bluetooth headset, and it brings many features like RF wireless digital technology for frequency-hopping, a bass booster, an audio bypass cable and an adjustable boom microphone. You can purchase it for around $75.

Set aside 5 percent of the cost of your stereo or home theater cabinet for cables that match the quality of your system. High-end components use gold-plated jacks. If you do not use cables with gold-plated connectors, you are wasting the money you spent on those expensive jacks.

In general, 5.1 speaker systems will more than suffice for most casual movie-watchers; they provide good sound and a good surround effect. 6.1 provides the rear element of surround more cheaply than a 7.1 system, however everyone agrees that as far as the best sound quality goes 7.1 is overall superior to both. An added benefit of 7.1 over 6.1 is that is allows speakers to be placed on either side of listeners even if the seating area, ie a couch, is placed up against a wall.

If you move the speakers or subwoofer, or move the furniture around, then it’s a good idea to calibrate again. Other than that, you’re done. Go and listen to some music or watch some movies and enjoy your surround system, happy in the knowledge it’s now all set up and performing properly!

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